About Moone Boy: The Blunder Years

Martin Moone is eleven and completely fed up with being the only boy in a family of girls. He’s desperate for a decent wingman to help him navigate his idiotic life. So when best mate Padraic suggests Martin get an imaginary friend—or ‘IF’ for short—he decides to give it a go.

His first attempt is Loopy Lou, a hyperactive goofball who loves writing rubbish rap songs. But Martin soon gets fed up with Lou and decides to trade in his IF for someone a little less wacky. Enter Sean ‘Caution’ Murphy, an imaginary office clerk in a bad suit with a passion for laziness and a head full of dodgy jokes. Sean guides Martin through the perils of the playground, from dealing with his sisters’ pranks to beating bullies. But getting rid of Lou is not that easy, and having TWO imaginary friends is a recipe for trouble!

About Moone Boy: The Fish Detective

Martin Moone and his imaginary friend Sean Murphy are back! The Laughs are bigger and the adventures sillier.

It’s lean times at the Moone household and all Martin wants is a Game Boy. If he wants a Game Boy thought, he’s going to have to work for it. So his imaginary friend, Sean, suggests he get a job…

After failing to find work as a stable boy, cowboy, or homeboy, the Moone boy instead becomes Boyle’s main butcher boy. But Francie Feeley’s Fabulous Fishatorium across the road is luring all their customers away. Convinced something fishy is afoot, Martin and Sean decide to go an undercover mission to discover the secrets of the mysterious fish factory. But can Agent M double-O N E get to the bottom of Feeley’s slippery schemes without ending up sleeping with the fishes himself?